Download 30MPC's Floor Hunting Template

Boost your live event outcomes and forge lasting connections.
You’ve attended countless live events, hoping to forge genuine connections and secure leads. Yet, the crowd overwhelms you, you're unsure whom to approach, and often, post-event follow-ups fall flat. Sound familiar?

No more. With our step-by-step plan, you will navigate these interactions like a sales savant.

Boost your live event outcomes and forge lasting connections.

Wandering aimlessly and winging every conversation won’t get you anywhere. That’s why top sellers come to live events with a plan in place. And you can come with a plan too with this free template:
Inside you’ll get:
  • Pre-event strategies to set up meetings and understand your prospects
  • Event-day guidelines to ensure every conversation counts
  • Proven post-event follow-up techniques to solidify those connections
So that you can:
  • Approach every event with confidence
  • Easily identify and engage with key prospects
  • Foster genuine relationships that translate into sales opportunities

30MPC uses this template to:

  • Mine the crowd for gold
  • Engage with precision and authenticity
  • Never forget a conversation
  • Leverage personal details to stand out in follow-up
Cut through the event noise and foster real and productive conversations, every time.