Download the 30MPC Big Demo Deck and Template

Your key to nailing big team meetings and keeping the deal train moving.

Big Demos Can Get Awfully Dicey

Big rooms can throw calls off the rails. More people, more probs. You need masterful control of the room - and that means having a gameplan in your pocket.
This Template includes:
  • 4 essential slides you need for every big meeting
  • An example 30MPC deck so you can see how this gets brought to life
  • Instructions on how to customize this for any meeting
So that you:
  • Take control of even the biggest meetings
  • Keep the call out of the weeds
  • Guide the deal smoothly to next steps (minus the stress sweat)

We’re sharing the most insanely easy demo deck in the history of sales that helps you communicate:

  • Your upfront agenda + who’s attending
  • A recap of the key priorities you learned in discovery
  • How the demo is directly relevant to the problems you’ve uncovered (i.e. demoscovery)
  • Your wishlist: what everyone wants to get out of the demo
Plus, we’ll tell you the three situations you want to use this deck (and the one situation you don’t).

Steal it, read it, adapt it, rock out with it.