Download Charly Johnson’s Cold Email Drip Templates

Use this multi-channel cadence template that includes email, call, LinkedIn, and video messaging.

But what if we made outbound emails idiot-proof?

In this step-by-step cold email drip, you’ll find templates on every step from:
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Opening emails and bubble-ups
  • The final break-up emails
So that you….
  • *Actually* get your emails opened
  • See a measurable lift in your reply rates
  • Get more YES’s

Charly Johnson, Account Executive at Salesloft is dropping knowledge bombs like these:

  • Her smart triple-tap cadence strategy for boosting her response rates and meetings booked
  • How she leverages Vidyard, GIFs, and other pattern-interrupts that grab attention
  • The right way to infuse personality and humor into your messages so you’re perceived as less of a rando
  • How to do prospect research without wasting your time