Download Danilo Capric’s Hypothesis Driven Disco Call Framework

Level up your sales call structure with the Hypothesis Driven Disco Call Framework!
Are your disco calls falling flat? Most reps follow the same old script: small talk, a barrage of discovery questions, a product pitch, then summarizing the pain points before trying to secure next steps. And if you’ve ever been sold this way, you know this approach is losing its charm. Buyers expect more! And with the hypothesis driven disco call framework, you can give it to them.

It’s time to change the game and show buyers that you already understand their business and pain points, and won't include canned questions in your pitch.

The Disco Framework you wish you had as a new rep.

For two decades, sales hasn't seen much innovation. Let’s change that.
Inside you’ll get:
  • A guide to research and create hypotheses for discovery meetings
  • Instructions to structure and navigate each call segment
  • Tips for personalized rapport and understanding top priorities
So that you can:
  • Create a buyer-centric customer experience
  • Understand the prospect's business and pain points
  • Engage prospects in meaningful conversations without resorting to canned questions

Danilo leverages the power of this disco call framework to:

  • Stop pitching product unless the buyer asks for it
  • Create meaningful connections with prospects
  • Arrive to the call with an opinion, so he never has to ask canned questions again
  • Have a solid understand of a clients and pain points before the call