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How to increase your cold calling success rate to 30%
90% of cold calls are shorter than two minutes. Jason Bay’s step-by-step framework will help you make use of every second and massively increase your cold call success rate.

Upgrade your phone game and book more meetings

During a cold call, every second can make or break your success. That’s why most reps fail in the first minute. Jason’s framework includes a play-by-play approach to cold calls that will help you succeed at every stage of the conversation.
You’ll learn...
  • Key differences between good and bad openers
  • Tactics for creating urgency
  • How to guarantee they’ll show up to the meeting
So that you...
  • Gain prospects’ trust
  • Book more meetings
  • Eliminate no-shows

Companies like Gong, Zoom, and Medallia trust Jason Bay to train their reps using this exact framework to

  • Help them succeed where 80% of reps fail
  • Increase their cold call success rate to 30%
  • Book meetings prospects want to attend
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