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Unlock the power of multithreading and close deals with confidence!
How many deals have you lost because you lacked access to decision makers? It’s a common problem, in fact LinkedIn reports that a staggering 78% of reps are single-threaded on deals. This issue needs to be addressed head on. Based on research conducted by UserGems & Gong, involving multiple stakeholders increases win rates by 25%. Which means multithreading is your new best friend!
Don't let the fear of going over your champion's head hold you back. The real concern should be failing to close deals!

Amplify your outreach approach and discover how to effectively engage with multiple buyers

With this masterclass, you’ll get:
  • Step-by-step techniques to engage multiple buyers effectively
  • Persuasive templates to sell outcomes and convince champions
  • Powerful plays to solidify deals with multiple stakeholders
So that you can:
  • Craft outreach that resonates
  • Showcase your understanding of prospect’s needs
  • Leverage multithreading techniques for a winning advantage

JBay has harnessed the power of multithreading to enhance his buyer confidence so he can:

  • Gain powerful insights
  • Solidify deals
  • Quickly convince all decision makers within the company
And now he’s sharing these tactics with you!
JBay’s multithreading masterclass will turn you into a sales powerhouse ready to take on a deal of any size!