Download Josh Braun’s Tongue-Tied Objection Flashcards

Prospect confidently, no matter the challenge.
Sales call objections don’t have to be your kryptonite. We’ve all been there: a prospect throws a curveball objection and suddenly, you’re at a loss for words. Stumbling, stuttering, and ultimately not sealing the deal.

But what if you could always have the perfect response right at your fingertips?

The objection tool that could help you 2x your sales.

Never be left feeling tongue-tied again!
Inside you’ll get:
  • Step-by-step strategies to defuse objections
  • Tailored responses to turn the conversation in your favor
  • Humorous, genuine, and calm approaches to handle even the most unexpected objections
So that you can:
  • Enhance your sales call confidence
  • Respond to objections seamlessly
  • Build rapport, even when faced with resistance

You won’t just hurdle these objections, you’ll use them to:

  • Transform objections into opportunities
  • Forge authentic relationships with prospects through human responses
  • Uncover the true concerns and needs of his prospects