Download Kevin “KD” Dorsey’s “Did I” Checklist Manifesto

Use it to move closer to your goals each and every day, without missing a step
KD knows that small steps add up to big results - and that success is a daily habit, not a surprise.

Check boxes, close deals, get to President’s Club.

Everyone wants to get to the top, but the path can be murky and full of pot-holes and pit-falls.
That is, unless you have this checklist manifesto that gives you the way forward - one checked box at a time.
You’ll get:
  • Practical advice on what top sellers do each day
  • Broken down into 7 sections, from self-care to follow-ups and improvement
  • Each with numerous steps to check off and mark your progress
So that you...
  • Know exactly what you need to do (and how to do it)
  • Stay focused and motivated
  • Improve every key part of your process

Kevin Dorsey (his friends call him KD) is a transformational sales coach who built this checklist to help him:

  • Map out a clear path to success that anyone can follow
  • Reflect on daily wins and areas for improvement
  • Build a highly-efficient sales routine
  • Skip common mistakes and “Oops, I forgot” moments
Here’s the path to get to where you want to be: the top.