Download Liam Mulcahy’s Account Planning Sheet

Steal this and plot out your plan to take down big accounts
While most are selling by the seat of their pants, Liam is closing deal after deal by being an account planning mastermind (for good, not evil).

Sell with more method, less madness.

Top sellers never wing it. They gather info, plan convos, and scope out an account to find who to talk to - and why. Planning = confidence = success.
You, too, can benefit from that magical equation with this free asset, which gives you:
  • A line-by-line breakdown of your accounts
  • 20 vital pieces of intel to collect
  • A system for identifying who’s who at a glance
So that you...
  • Prospect with intent and direction - not disorder
  • Identify champions and avoid blockers
  • Carve up your territory to make President’s Club!

Liam Mulcahy, GTM extraordinaire at Kleiner Perkins, gives away his most important sales tool that helps him:

  • Find, qualify, and develop the most lucrative opportunities
  • Keep all essential info at his fingertips
  • Plan out insanely productive discovery sessions
  • Bypass blockers who say no and find DMs who say yes
You’re your own sales general. Here’s how you’ll win every battle.