Download Sarah Brazier’s Cold Call Script and Template

Use this guide to prep for and carry out successful cold calls

Wait a sec… Cold calling doesn’t have to be stressful?

Nope - not when you know what to say. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get:
  • Cold calling structures and scripts
  • An objection-handling guide
  • A cold call planning template
So that you….
  • Get a *real, live human* to talk to you
  • Overcome objections with confidence
  • Drop hang-ups and boost your meeting count

Sarah Brazier, Account Executive at Gong, is dishing out nuggets of knowledge she uses to book meetings left and right, like these:

  • Her 4 key stages of a cold call that converts
  • How your tone, mindset, and structure matter more than word choice
  • Why each talk track works and how you can adapt them to your style
  • 4 common objections and the fool-proof way to handle them
Plan, call, book, drop the mic.