How To Close Deals Using The Golden Path

(Featured at Outreach Unleash)
Fresh off the press from our speaker session at Unleash on Closing Deals At Power With The Golden Path.

We broke down everything you need to do to start a deal at power, win over the key department leads, and drive it home back at the top for the ultimate close.

And the real winner is… you! We’re giving you everything we covered in the session right here:
  • The REAL bullet-by-bullet outline of our speaker session that we used to teach you how to run a deal at power using the golden path.
  • The initial executive discovery recap email you use after your first disco call with the executive to recap their priorities and get introductions to their team.
  • The champion 1:1 recap email you use after the initial discovery call with your department leads to demonstrate how their priorities ladder into the executive’s priorities.
  • The exec-in-the-loop recap email you use show executives that you’re helping their team get aligned on how they can support their priorities.